Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Prologue

Come to think of it, I decided to jump onto the blog band-wagon quite late. It is only when I started writing blogs as part of my professional duties that I realized the scope and thrill of writing a blog. After long discussions with myself about the content of my blog, I could not come to a conclusion. That generally happens when you have a strong Libra influence!

So I decided to name my blog ‘Pandemonium-Unplugged’. For those who are not in the know of the origins of the term ‘pandemonium’, let me offer a short explanation. The word was used by
Milton in his epic Paradise Lost to name the capital of Hell.

Etymologically, the word
hell has come from the Old English word helan, which means ‘to conceal’. That is the sense I have borrowed here. In this blog, the thoughts that are concealed in my mind would be bared!

Don’t expect any civilization-defining truth coming out over here! I’ll write about issues I feel like, but do not express due to a whole lot of reasons. It is not a niche blog that will contain posts on any particular topic only. It will be a quiver: take your pick!

This is a work of fiction. Resemblance to any place or person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.]

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