Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Continued Blankness

For the last couple of days, I’m experiencing a continued sense of blankness, a kind of boredom that refuses to go away. This boredom has been part of my thought-process for quite some time now.

Last day, I messed up the HTML coding that I had to do. My TL let me off without putting too much stress on me. Since then I was under a lot of pressure so that today I don’t mess up the codes again. Thankfully, things were better today. I have submitted the coding but it’s not checked yet.

My mood is quite irritable too. A student called in the morning to ask the day off and I was really willing to curse her for bothering me. Then I felt very guilty about it. But then the damage had already been done.

Hope things improve quickly. Will post tomorrow again…

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