Monday, August 4, 2008

This is a song from the Hindi movie 'Omkara'. The movie is adapted from Shakespeare's 'Othello'. Though I can talk for days about the movie, all I'll do now is post a translation of a song from it. This song is brilliant in itself, so if you listen to it, nothing like it. But if you do not understand the language, I'm putting it up for you. The lyricist is Gulzar.

No more, the words will speak for themselves...

Lakad ( Wood)

Wood burns into coal, coal turns to ash,
But when the soul is scorched, nothing happens -
No smoke, no ash
Do not scorch the soul...

Ice melts to water, and flies away as clouds.
The agony on the soul is so stubborn,
It does not melt, nor moves away.
The support of the banks
Flows away into the river -
Do not anchor here.
Do not involve the soul,
Do not scorch the soul...

False promises, loose talk -
With the advent of monsoon,
Washes away, floats away with the drizzle...
Live as much as you desire,
The rains cannot quench it.
Do not scorch the life in me,
Do not scorch the soul...

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