Monday, August 2, 2010

Ode to an Office

An incomplete poem I started writing long time back. It's about an office I worked in...

It was not a long time ago,
That I got an opportunity
To add my spirit of usefulness
And contribute toward an exercise in quality.
There exists a Gothic building,
That stands like a figure imposing;
To know more about this den,
Let's start meeting its merry men.
Guarding the door is a sentry gentle,
He neither smokes, nor chews beetle.
But he has got quite a curiosity,
And asks questions with feverish tenacity.
If you want to get through the gate,
Better come early, or you'll surely be late.
After climbing up the stairs few,
You are greeted with a solemn view.
With computers black, people sit in rows,
They work with perpetually quizzed eyebrows.
Work is not the reason for this gloom,
It's just that on the right is the boss' room!
It would not be safe to talk about
Some of these merry men,
Should they come to know of this,
They'll surely knock out my brain!
So let's go only to the harmless men,
They are nice, they are timid, they are sane.


champa said...

Hey this is great ! Keep posting more !!!

Rupsa said...

ha ha. Chonchu, this is nostalgic, but why did u end abruptly, carry on. The poem sounds unfinished, and yeah pls dont hesitate writing blatantly, tui chirokal bhoy peye katali. Borrow some free spirit and courage from me, if needed.ami achi.

Chanchal Roychoudhury said...

@Ma'am: Thank you!

@Rupsa: Not scared exactly. I was working with this company when I wrote it. And it's not right to talk publicly about what happens inside closed doors. I wanted to write a light-hearted one...

Nandini said...

LOL!! Is that Gothic building standing near a metro station by any chance??

Chanchal Roychoudhury said...

@Nandini: No! This was written a year ago. More than that, in fact... I was not here then!

Subhasish Ghosh said...

the ode rocks
seriously speaking am settled in bangalore and chances are wud be moving out of india also... and am happy, but i sometimes miss those times at 123G so much, u have no clue... so much... damn... feel like crying :(